Sunday 26 January 2014

Next Ablation !

So on Wednesday the 22nd of January I went into hospital for my next ablation were it started with blood, an achievement in its self, because My veins are terrible after 2 nurses trying with no success I was then took round to the lab were the cardiologist tried to put a venflon  in my arm for sedation and medication which was unsuccessful and after a few attempts gave up, So had to stay awake while he started the procedure which was awful :( but luckily they gave me the medication through my groin once they had gained access. This procedure was more painful than the last one as they used bigger catheters and special computers and after 3 and a half hours I was told the procedure was unsuccessful  and was also diagnosed with the condition Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia. I was discharged and giving new tablets called Ivabradine to control my heart rhythm.
My New Medication !

Recovering From this ablation was harder and found it difficult to come to terms with  been diagnosed with such a horrible condition. I spent the first few days crying and been upset but the support off my friends and family have been amazing and want to do everything possible to help others cope with this condition. I am on day 3 of these new tablets and things are going ok so far.
A Get well card off my special friends.

More Gifts from my friends :)

High 5 to my cat Tinkerbell the day after ablation , someone had the friday feeling:)

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