Wednesday 30 April 2014

Raising Money and Awareness !

Hey everyone ! 

On the 15th of June me and my hubby are raising money and awareness on heart rhythm problems, which as everyone following my blog knows is something that's affected my life in so many ways. I decided to pick the 15th of June as this marks 2 years since my first collapse and was diagnosed with heart rhythm problems, and picked the heart rhythm charity as they have been a huge support to me and the work they do is amazing. I decided to do a car bootsale to raise money, So on Saturday me and Dougie cleared out the house and we have two big boxes full of different bits and pieces and I am also thinking of making cakes to go with it all , I am hoping to raise as much money as possible for such a good cause !

If anyone wants to donate money to this amazing charity please click the link <3

                                         Some Fast Facts to remember !

Lots of love and hugs and hope everyone's staying positive :) xxxx

Tuesday 22 April 2014

'Beacon of hope for the little girl that doesnt have any.'

 I decided to do this blog to raise awareness and help others but also to be honest about my personal struggles with heart rhythm problems and  how I have struggled with anxiety due to this condition, and how even going out alone became a task for me as the constant fear of fainting and been alone when it happened became a huge problem I even suffered a few panic attacks just going to my front door because the fear of fainting outside made me feel so frightened. Anxiety issues which is something I am coping so much better with now I know others aren't always open about it, life can be difficult but fighting through the pain is worth it its better to feel emotions than to have felt none and I found by allowing myself to feel the one thing I had been pushing away and speaking about it and being vulnerable made me accept the way I was feeling and became the path to beating the anxiety I felt because of my heart problems , also I surrounded myself with positive people and stopped wasting time on people who didn't appreciate me or bother to understand the way I was feeling or what I was going through. Become your  own  best friend I have learnt to become my own best friend as  I spent so many nights crying being sad and feeling let down that the cardiologists weren't able to fix my heart, but I learned that being my own best friend and comforting myself helped to overcome the sadness and anger I felt,  I also found to keep secrets can be so toxic ,keeping the way I was feeling just made me feel worse as I hid away from everyone and everything, which just led to me becoming more angry and isolated myself from the ones who love and care about me So if you feel this way share your secret it will make you feel so much better.

What makes life valuable is that it doesn't last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends, time is luck so don't waste it hiding away from your emotions or secrets make the days in your life count for something fight for what matters to you, share your story and you may help someone speak about their emotions, which for me helped me beat the way I was feeling.

I hope my blog can help,  teach and motivate someone else to find the courage and strength to do the same and never give up if your feeling/ going through hell keep going everyone is entitled to bad days. A secret shared is a secret halved.

Tilt table test !

So today was the day I dreaded the most the tilt table test and my fear was because of listening to others and there experience, and have to say it wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be. So I had to fast 2 hours before the test which normally doesn't bother me but been pregnant I find this difficult as I start to feel really sick if I don't eat little things every so often so even arriving at the hospital I felt sick to my stomach. So a blood pressure cuff was attached to my arm and ECG stickers and I had to lie flat on a bed and had straps over me to stop me from falling, the lights were turned off and I had to lie flat for what felt like hours but think it was only 10 minutes or so and the women took my blood pressure then the table was lifted up high and then tilted up so I was fully standing, but still attached to the table and left to stand for another 10 minutes... I didn't feel any symptoms, I actually feel worse with my heart when I am lying flat as I feel it race when I am resting..

Hope this is useful to others stay strong and be brave lots of love xxx

Sunday 20 April 2014

Heat and ist don't mix !!!

If others suffering from ist are reading this am sure you will understand the difficulties of heat and tachycardia, for the past few days I have really been struggling. I used to love the sun and would sit out for hours with friends but sadly these past few days I have realised how much my body can't cope anymore, walking to work early the other day the sun was warm and managed to make it to the end of the street but having to grab onto a lamppost the blurry feeling in my eyes, my ears ringing loudly and that feeling of not even been able to catch my breath I managed to sit on the wall my heart still pounding.After letting it all calm down continued on my walk feeling pretty upset that once been fit and healthy running and walking everywhere how much even a slow walk leaves me feeling like I am going to faint, and then been late for work making my day even worse. I am even finding these days going for a warm bath or shower is becoming a difficult task .. With little heat just sending my heart rate over and making me feel unwell, even just moping the floor the other day left me having to lie down for hours, but did enjoy a little day out with my brothers puppy oscar even though the 2 of us were so exhausted we fell asleep in the car. Me and dougie are also in the process of cleaning the house out as we are going to head to the local car bootsale and raise some money and all the funds are going to go to the heart rhythm charity as they have provided me with so much support and can't thank them enough !

Me and Oscar enjoying some sunshine .. this day left me so exhausted !

Don't no if it's pregnancy hormones but the other day was feeling pretty angry at an online support group .. A good friend of mine Helen black who helped me when I was diagnosed and she has recently been diagnosed with pots posted a comment onto the page .. And received rude nasty messages when all she wanted was advice and support/someone to speak to going through the same thing, these support sites just make me angry as it feels like some people see it as a competition who's the sickest or some people are just so opinionated and need to think before they speak all this just makes me feel sad that some people are just horrible !

Will be updating after tilt table test on Tuesday ! Which I am really dreading already !

Lots of love and hugs to everyone following this page and hope use all have a fabby Easter xxxx

My heart rate after walking !

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Friday 11 April 2014

why is Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia Judged !

Well this post is a touchy subject for me and makes me angry that so many people with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia are judged. Some people will love this subject or hate it but everyone is aloud there own thoughts and views.

All disabilities are criticised and judged by the general public and people can be narrow minded when not all disabilities can be physical and some are invisible which is what Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia is and people are so quick to judge. When I was on holiday last July I felt my symptoms come on and had to take to lying down on the floor which as I am sure u are aware the looks and stares I got, but not one person bothered to ask if I was ok or in need of any help instead left to lie on the floor and physically had to ask a women to get my husband.  There has been a few times I have been faced with this situation were no one helps or even asks and people have actually crossed the road assuming I am drunk or whatever, and this is the ignorance of our society so next time don't be so quick to judge someone who might not have a physical disability and keep a open mind.

Also with this condition and speaking to others there seems to be even doctors and nurses that are ignorant towards this condition and find it upsetting and frustrating that people are treated this way, people with this condition been told its mental and anxiety making it worse. I have been lucky that I have had a good group of doctors who have never said this to me, but on one occasion I did have a doctor prescribe me medication for anxiety but have to say have had  panic attacks and feeling this way is due to the general public and the fear of collapsing alone with no one helping me, and some doctors should maybe try to put themselves in the shoes of having that fear for a day and feeling helpless and having to rely on members of the public to help.

Diary Of Inappropriate Sinus Tacycardia

I created this little diary of my life in just a few words which I added to my tumblr account which sums up Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia.

When my heart broke….
Once upon a time there was a happy healthy young girl
She used to love to dance, and go on holidays with friends.
Had the whole world at her feet
She even got married, life was great
But soon after all that changed,
The happy bright life and sunshine turned to darkness
She got sick, she lost friends, she got sad
She was exhausted all the time and in pain, she couldn’t even walk to the end of the street,
She started fainting, and hurting herself, doctors didn’t no why
Her heart constantly raced .. Like a racing car
Her blood pressure was high .. Or sometimes to low
Doctors controlled her heart with tablets .. But still her heart raced
Her symptoms were physical but still no one knew
One doctor said it was mental,all she wanted was her life back
Endless test and still no answers, 2 failed heart ablations , but yet her heart still won’t slow down, she gave up
Crys herself to sleep, panic attacks to scared to go out alone ,
And all because of this, her heart is still poorly but she fights everyday for more answers and hopes maybe one day there will be more research done…. Who knows maybe even a permanent cure.

Ups and downs .. But a little miracle x

I haven't posted in a few months as life's been like a rollercoaster. I had another 24 Hour ECG done and I am now going for a tilt table test in a few weeks, I also had bloods done again and got my adrenaline levels checked, during this time I was admitted to hospital again with a low heart rate as I ended up been so sensitive to the new drugs to treat Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, during this time me and my husband Dougie have discovered our little miracle that we are expecting a little baby round about November we couldn't be more happier but have to say I am pretty nervous how my heart will react to all this but we are talking each day at a time. I also recently shared my story to the Heart Rhythm charity which has been published on there website, as I want to raise as much awareness as possible and to help others with this condition and hopefully maybe one day more research will be carried out on this condition so others like myself can lead a normal life. I also just returned back to work this week  since my failed heart ablation and  even though I am only working two 5 hour shifts I am finding it difficult but lots of rest on my days off should do the trick. I also recently started a new hobby as I did start to get bored been off work for so long and started making red and clear bracelets with heart charms which I am making and selling to raise money to donate to the heart rhythm charity who have gave me lots of support and information on this condition. I also spoke with a lovely women named Kathy who's story is also available on the website and it was thanks to Kathy that the British Heart Foundation and the Heart Rhythm Charity added Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia to there information and pages which has been a huge help to myself and I am sure others have found it useful.

If you would like to read my story of living with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia just click the link

Also if you would like to donate money to the charity click on this link.

                                  After the storm comes the rainbow our little miracle after everything

Our Little Miracle Baby Urquhart only 7 weeks and 2 days here with a Strong little Heartbeat