Friday 11 April 2014

why is Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia Judged !

Well this post is a touchy subject for me and makes me angry that so many people with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia are judged. Some people will love this subject or hate it but everyone is aloud there own thoughts and views.

All disabilities are criticised and judged by the general public and people can be narrow minded when not all disabilities can be physical and some are invisible which is what Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia is and people are so quick to judge. When I was on holiday last July I felt my symptoms come on and had to take to lying down on the floor which as I am sure u are aware the looks and stares I got, but not one person bothered to ask if I was ok or in need of any help instead left to lie on the floor and physically had to ask a women to get my husband.  There has been a few times I have been faced with this situation were no one helps or even asks and people have actually crossed the road assuming I am drunk or whatever, and this is the ignorance of our society so next time don't be so quick to judge someone who might not have a physical disability and keep a open mind.

Also with this condition and speaking to others there seems to be even doctors and nurses that are ignorant towards this condition and find it upsetting and frustrating that people are treated this way, people with this condition been told its mental and anxiety making it worse. I have been lucky that I have had a good group of doctors who have never said this to me, but on one occasion I did have a doctor prescribe me medication for anxiety but have to say have had  panic attacks and feeling this way is due to the general public and the fear of collapsing alone with no one helping me, and some doctors should maybe try to put themselves in the shoes of having that fear for a day and feeling helpless and having to rely on members of the public to help.

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  1. Your such an amazing person always smiling and so brave keep up the amazing work of raising awareness on a condition that needs more attention brought to it ur truly an amazing person always looking on the bright side of everything