Tuesday 22 April 2014

'Beacon of hope for the little girl that doesnt have any.'

 I decided to do this blog to raise awareness and help others but also to be honest about my personal struggles with heart rhythm problems and  how I have struggled with anxiety due to this condition, and how even going out alone became a task for me as the constant fear of fainting and been alone when it happened became a huge problem I even suffered a few panic attacks just going to my front door because the fear of fainting outside made me feel so frightened. Anxiety issues which is something I am coping so much better with now I know others aren't always open about it, life can be difficult but fighting through the pain is worth it its better to feel emotions than to have felt none and I found by allowing myself to feel the one thing I had been pushing away and speaking about it and being vulnerable made me accept the way I was feeling and became the path to beating the anxiety I felt because of my heart problems , also I surrounded myself with positive people and stopped wasting time on people who didn't appreciate me or bother to understand the way I was feeling or what I was going through. Become your  own  best friend I have learnt to become my own best friend as  I spent so many nights crying being sad and feeling let down that the cardiologists weren't able to fix my heart, but I learned that being my own best friend and comforting myself helped to overcome the sadness and anger I felt,  I also found to keep secrets can be so toxic ,keeping the way I was feeling just made me feel worse as I hid away from everyone and everything, which just led to me becoming more angry and isolated myself from the ones who love and care about me So if you feel this way share your secret it will make you feel so much better.

What makes life valuable is that it doesn't last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends, time is luck so don't waste it hiding away from your emotions or secrets make the days in your life count for something fight for what matters to you, share your story and you may help someone speak about their emotions, which for me helped me beat the way I was feeling.

I hope my blog can help,  teach and motivate someone else to find the courage and strength to do the same and never give up if your feeling/ going through hell keep going everyone is entitled to bad days. A secret shared is a secret halved.