Sunday 20 April 2014

Heat and ist don't mix !!!

If others suffering from ist are reading this am sure you will understand the difficulties of heat and tachycardia, for the past few days I have really been struggling. I used to love the sun and would sit out for hours with friends but sadly these past few days I have realised how much my body can't cope anymore, walking to work early the other day the sun was warm and managed to make it to the end of the street but having to grab onto a lamppost the blurry feeling in my eyes, my ears ringing loudly and that feeling of not even been able to catch my breath I managed to sit on the wall my heart still pounding.After letting it all calm down continued on my walk feeling pretty upset that once been fit and healthy running and walking everywhere how much even a slow walk leaves me feeling like I am going to faint, and then been late for work making my day even worse. I am even finding these days going for a warm bath or shower is becoming a difficult task .. With little heat just sending my heart rate over and making me feel unwell, even just moping the floor the other day left me having to lie down for hours, but did enjoy a little day out with my brothers puppy oscar even though the 2 of us were so exhausted we fell asleep in the car. Me and dougie are also in the process of cleaning the house out as we are going to head to the local car bootsale and raise some money and all the funds are going to go to the heart rhythm charity as they have provided me with so much support and can't thank them enough !

Me and Oscar enjoying some sunshine .. this day left me so exhausted !

Don't no if it's pregnancy hormones but the other day was feeling pretty angry at an online support group .. A good friend of mine Helen black who helped me when I was diagnosed and she has recently been diagnosed with pots posted a comment onto the page .. And received rude nasty messages when all she wanted was advice and support/someone to speak to going through the same thing, these support sites just make me angry as it feels like some people see it as a competition who's the sickest or some people are just so opinionated and need to think before they speak all this just makes me feel sad that some people are just horrible !

Will be updating after tilt table test on Tuesday ! Which I am really dreading already !

Lots of love and hugs to everyone following this page and hope use all have a fabby Easter xxxx

My heart rate after walking !

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  1. Its hard to deal with this condition. But danielle has been a good bud to me through my diagnosis asking how I am shes Lovely. You know the people who get you through this. Wouldn't wish pots on anyone. X

    1. So true Helen ! Don't need people like that things can only get better xxx