Thursday 8 May 2014

After the storm passes comes the Rainbow !

Hey lovely people !

well this week has been an exciting one after feeling unwell again on Monday I went to my doctor and have yet another infection (fourth one this year) but after a day of antibiotics started to feel better. The first thing the doctor asked me was how my pulse had been which hasn't actually been to bad the past few days considering I had yet another infection, my last once had me admitted to hospital for intravenous antibiotics and because I kept fainting, but today me and Dougie had our 2nd scan and at 12 weeks 3 days our little miracle looks amazing.. we seen its heart beating more clearly and was moving its arms and legs and at one point decided to actually turn a little and flashed its little bottom. I am calling it my little miracle as already this little buba has been through a lot, not only has it been through a tilt table test but also the time I collapsed and was suffering from brachycardia and was quite unwell not to mention taking all my beta blockers and chest xrays ... so in my eyes our little buba is well and truly a miracle and has been the only good thing to come out of me been unwell and having my failed heart ablations.

So if anyone feels like things are getting them down, just remember after the storm comes the rainbow xxxxxx
 Lovely Card off a penpal :)

 Baby Urquhart 12 weeks 3 days old !

Despite everything baby Urquhart has been the rainbow after everything !

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