Wednesday 14 May 2014

Some bad News !

Hey lovely followers !

After getting over the infection I had last week and feeling ok, I had a routine check with the midwife which didn't go as well as I had hoped. After having to leave work I caught the bus and had a slow walk there arriving in perfect time and felt good. At my appointment I received all my blood results back which are all fine and to be told the infection was gone, But after her talking my blood pressure which was high she wasn't happy, after trying to explain to her that my blood pressure is always in the higher region and have always been told by my doctor its because of my heart beating faster, she phoned the hospital and was supposed to have an appointment to see an obstetrician in August but after her speaking on the  phone and them looking at my history they have now decided I am a high risk and have been giving an emergency appointment to be seen on Friday morning, not the news I was hoping for. After my appointment I then had to return back to work and was feeling pretty stressed knowing I was going to have to explain to get more time off work which is all I do. For all my followers who don't no not only do I have heart issues which require time off for appoitments, I also had an accident in Oct 2010 were I dislocated my right knee and required surgery which still after 4 years is no better and have to attend physiotherapy still to this day, which also requires time off.

Will update after my obstetrics appointment.

Lots of Love followers !

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