Sunday 15 June 2014

My Charity Event (15/06/14)

Hello everyone !

Well today as I type this I am mentally and physically exhausted, today marked 2 years when I collapsed and was diagnosed with a heart rhythm problem, so this day is a special day for me.. people might wonder why but I look back at this day and remember it like yesterday.. and instead of been sad or angry that I was diagnosed with a horrible condition It makes me appreciate life and how lucky I have been, the one day I look back at how far I have come and how all of it has made me stronger and I am grateful for all of that. Since my two failed heart ablations instead of feeling angry about it all I learned to accept it and that some things just cant be fixed but made it a goal of mine to make a difference to other sufferers and raise awareness. So today to mark my heart anniversary and to complete a goal I raised money for my favourite heart charity and as I said before the work the charity does is amazing and the support they have given me is incredible and don't no how I would of got through it all without them when things were tough and I was struggling just wanting some advice and someone to talk to that would understand.

Me and my husband started our long day at 7 this morning and managed to raise a lot of awareness and made £98.4p which isn't including the 2 collection tins which also have money in them so feeling happy that I completed my goal of raising money and awareness today to mark a special day that will always be part of me, even though I have struggled this week with my blood pressure and doctors think I have another infection as I have a higher white blood cell count than normal I didn't let any it stop me and looking at all the money and the smiling faces today made it all worth it for such a good cause ! And like my bucket list says I want to make a difference to other sufferers so will be doing other things to raise money and awareness in the future. !
Not had an easy week with my heart and blood pressure reaching 18 weeks pregnant                                   nearly half way !! and didn't let it stop me raising money and awareness with a smile                                      on my face telling my story to everyone that would listen today !

 The Sign I made tick your ticker :) wanted to draw as much attention as possible and think it worked !
Me and my husband raising money and awareness !!!!

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