Thursday 19 June 2014

Turn for the Worst !

Hey Everyone !

Today as I write this I have just been discharged from hospital after a long 4 days. It all started on Monday getting up and heading to work as normal I suddenly started to feel unwell and started having chest pain and getting out of breath. Leaving work I headed to the doctors were  I was then sent to hospital were doctors thought I had a blood clot on my lungs after having a chest x-ray and a scan which showed it was all clear but still I was in pain and struggling with my breathing. I was  then reviewed by cardiology who were happy with my ecg and echo results and was told I could go home, but after packing my bags and ready to go and after speaking with the doctor and promising I would come back if things got worse she then delivered the news of her boss wasn't happy for me to go home even though my discharge letter had been written ... the news was heart breaking as the 3 days were so difficult as the heat was unbearable and according to the news was the hottest day of the year and I was stuck in a busy maternity ward, also my experience of it all was bad after having one doctor question if it was heart burn and then prescribed tablets for heartburn and who just didn't bother to listen to anything I said about how I was feeling made me feel angry and upset, but today I finally got discharged and never got to the bottom of my problems and told its common in pregnancy to experience breathlessness. The only good thing to come out of my hospital stay was getting to listen to baby Urquharts heart beat everyday who despite everything and all the risks seems to be the right size and doing ok at the moment and who's little heart is beating at 146bpm

A Get well card :)

Thumbs up still managing to smile even though I was sore and fed up !  

The 4 days in hospital were hard but having my husband sit with me through it all and hearing baby Urquharts heart beating helped me through ! 


  1. Your one strong woman Danielle been through so much but still always smile and look so pretty a true inspirtion

  2. I am sending you good thoughts of prayers and blessings that you will be heard and not minimalized. Stay the course, Love from Vancouver Island Canada.xx Deborah David. Heart to Heart The Beat Goes On!