Monday 7 July 2014

'I failed twice I dont want to fail you a third time'

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been updating had a very few busy weeks since been discharged from hospital. First of all Baby Urquhart had his/her baby scan and despite everything at 20 weeks 2 days our little miracle looks healthy, but what we did discover is we have one very awkward baby, due to my health it was a doctor who carried out the scan and because of the way the baby was lying he was unable to check any of the babies organs at the front including the heart and after a good 20mins of trying to move the baby and get a better view we were sent away for a walk and a cold drink to see if that would move baby Urquhart. Returning back 40mins later the little monkey was still not wanting to help us out but luckily just as he was about to give up he/she moved a little to show the doctor everything he needed to check but still was being one awkward baby and was just kicking its legs and even stuck its little tongue out at us, so because of it been awkward we were unable to get a picture but due to my history we have to go back at 22 weeks to double check the heart.
Also this week I had an appointment to see my cardiologist which went well, after speaking with another specialist they have decided to do another 24hour monitor to check the P waves in my heart, I was told the bad news that my heart will most likely get worse due to pregnancy but that if I do feel unwell to phone right away and he will slip me in to be seen, this makes the whole thing a lot easier known I have the support if things do become to much. We also spoke about what would happen after the baby was born and he's happy for another ablation to be carried out on my heart but that he doesn't want to do it due to failing twice but is happy for another specialist to try. Also hearing the words that he will never just tell me that's it gave me hope. I am so greatful for everything he has done for me despite not been able to fix my heart.
Also I received a letter from Arrhythmia Alliance of the total we made which was £119.96. Not only did I take part this month in heart rhythm week, I decided to take part in bare your bump for the british heart foundation which I was amazed when I was voted one of the winners as me and my husband donate money each month to mending broken hearts as we support it so much due to my condition being told our baby's a high risk and also because of it all it might not grow properly, All of this just makes me want to spread more awareness as hearing all of this and the worry of not known if your hearts strong enough to cope with pregnancy or how bad its all going to get its like a ticking bomb it will explode but known when it will happen is a different story.

 I was voted one of the winners of bare your bump and won a limited edition t-shirt (watch the space for picture to follow )

 Me baring my Baby Bump For charity !
 The amount we made for Arrhythmia Alliance at our charity car boot sale for heart rhythm week :)

Love and Hugs 


  1. Lovely baby bump ur such an inspiration Danielle after everything you have been through you still come out fighting your such a beautiful person <3

  2. Love reading ur updates ur strength and determination is amazing u give others like me so much hope.

  3. Hi,

    I have the same as you SVT and IST as well as frequent other activity and ectopics... My heart got BETTER each time I had a pregnancy....don't listen to everything the doctors say....(it was quite tempting to go for a third child as my heart was practically normal when Both my children have healthy hearts and although this can be inherited, its unlikely... I hope your baby does well. xx