Monday 4 May 2015

PLEASE Sponser me on my 10k challenge to raise funds for Arrhythmia Alliance.

Hey everyone well after receiving a few emails last week asking if I was taking part in heart rhythm week I didn't reply right away as I am on holiday the week of heart rhythm week, and also my next ablation is coming up soon but haven't received a date yet, but speaking with Dougie of course we are going to be taking part we  have had to change the date but an arrhythmia is a huge part of me so I love nothing better than raising awareness and some funds for a charity that's been a huge support to me and Dougie, also June marks another year for me when I first collapsed and got diagnosed with my condition, we have decided to do a 10k and even if it means crawling over the finish line I am more determined than ever to complete it, So PLEASE show us your support by digging deep and sponsoring us on this challenge.

Visit my just giving page (link below) and please sponsor us every penny counts xxx



Last year me and Dougie raised an amazing £119.86 please help us beat that this year !

As anyone who's been following my blog through my journey this condition has really seen me go to hell and back again more than once and has had such a huge impact on my life, simple tasks are difficult and making it through each day without a faint or having to lie down is a massive bonus, since been diagnosed 2 years ago I have spent many days/nights in hospital were I have battled for my heart to beat normal, I have already had two failed heart ablations and booked in for number 3, last year when I fell pregnant I was so frightened of how my body and heart would cope and spent most of my pregnancy in hospital were my health got worse, it was the toughest journey I have ever faced were me and Dougie were faced with so many problems one of them being our little baby was starting to be effected by all my problems and had to make the toughest decision to bring him early, he had stopped growing and his heart rate just kept increasing, Since having Kian mentally and physically things have been difficult which is why along with my cardiologist I have decided to go ahead with ablation number 3 in the hope I can be cured and live a normal life and just be a mummy to my amazing happy little boy, an arrhythmia is a part of me but I wouldn't let it define me if anything it just keeps making me stronger.

My little boy Kian he stopped growing because of my health but every Wednesday to mark another week he's been in the world I have took a picture of him beside a teddy to show how much my little high risk baby is growing I treasure him growing so much <3

Just a few of Kians pictures don't want to bore everyone since there's one for every week he's been alive a whole 23 of them <3

So Please every little penny counts <3

Love and Hugs

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