Saturday 20 September 2014

31 Weeks :)

Hey Lovely Followers !

After bouncing back from the viral infection I had last week I managed a full week at work, and I have been feeling pretty good, I am now 31 weeks 4 days pregnant and I am still managing the small walk to work, I found myself a few times this week having to stop and let my heart slow down but apart from that I have being feel pretty normal .. something I haven't felt in a while, I now have 8 weeks left  on Monday till our due date and only one week left to work :)

                                                            Some Cute things for baby !

I have been having problems with feeling the baby's movements and on Tuesday decided to phone the midwife who sent me straight to hospital after a long few hours in hospital they checked the baby who has a perfect tracing of its heart and movements and even though I feel very little because of my placenta we have one active baby who likes to try and move away from the monitor, I also had a scan to check the fluid levels around the baby which the doctor thought looked a little low, so decided to check the levels again the next again day, so returning on Wednesday which was my only day off this week I spent the whole day at the hospital but seeing baby Urquhart's little cute face again made it all worth it who is still lying head down and is weighing an amazing 1848g (4.07pounds) and hearing the little heart beating is always just so precious so even though I am spending most days at hospital its all worth it, I had to return back today for another check were they decided to check the fluid again which is all measuring normal and seeing baby Urquhart for the 3rd time this week makes me impatient and just want our due date to hurry up were I finally get to touch the cute little face that flashes up each time on the scan.

                                      Baby Urquhart 31 weeks 2 days weighing an amazing 4 pounds

Also this week I received a letter and have an appointment to meet anesthetics  since I am classed in the high risk catogory with my heart problems which is the same day as my growth scan at 34 weeks and now having to go for checks twice a week. Me and Dougie have started decorating the nursery with the wallpaper nearly finished there is not much left to do and can't wait for the exciting bit of building the furniture and organising the clothes and things I have not to mention the baby shower that is planned in October which I am excited about, all little things to speed up the time to make my due date come quicker.

                                                      Baby Urquharts tracing :)

Love and Hugs


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