Monday 29 September 2014

Please just listen

Hey lovely readers

As I write this I just want to scream with frustration after feeling awesome and finishing my last ever shift at work on Friday I headed for my routine check up were midwifes monitor baby Urquhart and give me a scan to check the baby's movements and fluid which turned into me being admitted into hospital, everything was fine with the baby who seems pretty happy and the whole time during the scan was drinking and moving its little lips but the same old story with my health, except this time I didn't even feel unwell.

After the midwife taking my blood pressure which was high she spoke with the on call doctor who refused to let me home, the frustration I felt trying to explain my body and illness just went unnoticed. I even got the midwife to take my blood pressure lying down then when I sat up and how it got even higher to show them what my heart was doing and how this all seems to impact on my blood pressure, but the  obstetrician just wouldn't take any notice and even gave me more beta blockers despite me trying to tell her this was to much and it would all go back to normal once my heart slowed down ... anyway taking the extra dose after giving up .. guess what I was right my blood pressure dropped too low which resulted in them not letting me leave the department while waiting on a bed as they said they would probably have to come and pick me off the floor due to my blood pressure being so low. This made me feel so angry I am not a doctor but I know my own body and felt if they had listen to me explaining that my heart seems to impact on my blood pressure none of this would of happened.

IST frustrates me in so many ways that medical staff don't seem to understand it and the doctor who just kept saying I didn't understand how bad this blood pressure was for me or the baby... clearly didn't understand anything about IST, so instead I spent the whole night and first day on my holidays in hospital. and after everything my blood pressure did just go back to normal. Feeling like no one would listen became to much for me and this time actually got so upset as I felt hopeless trying to explain it all to people who I felt just were not listening or wouldn't even try to understand what I was telling them. I have another check up on Tuesday and feel scared to go now as the fear of my heart beating fasting and my blood pressure increasing is going to result in me being admitted into hospital even though I feel good.

Apart from all the bad stuff we finally finished decorating baby Urquharts room and just have a few little bits and pieces to do.
 Baby's Little swing 33 weeks 7 weeks to go :)

 Baby Urquhart's Room fit for a little mr or mrs :)

Love and Hugs 

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