Wednesday 10 September 2014

Joys of a Rubbish Immune System

Hey Lovely readers

Well I feel my blog always fills up with bad health posts... and unfortunately for me I seem to very rarely have good health, Me and Dougie started decorating baby Urquhart's room which has just been a nightmare just stripping the walls and spent the whole of Sunday feeling stressed about it all just wanting to make it perfect, but as Sunday night came I started to feel a sore throat come on and woke up on Monday morning feeling like death warmed up .. and the worst part I had work my first long day since my first hospital trip I managed to make it through work despite the way I was feeling and then had the midwife after which to my amazement I am 30 weeks pregnant but measuring 32 weeks so much for a small baby and the news that the baby isn't lying breech any more and is head down. I was so glad to finally get home and headed straight to bed feeling terrible.

Things could only get worse I woke on Tuesday morning feeling even worse, chocked with the cold such a bad headache, sore throat and covered in a rash all over my hands and chest I made an emergency appointment with the nurse at my doctor's surgery, on the way to the appointment I started to experience a hazy feeling in my eyes and could barely see where I was going having to stop and start. The nurse at first thought I maybe had Scarlett fever with the rash I had and got a doctor to look at me but the doctor said it was a viral infection  and the rash was proof my body was trying hard to fight it and if things couldn't get worse refused to give me anything with being pregnant as anything they could give to help is unsafe being pregnant so paracetamol was my only option. They also swabbed my throat as my throat was very red which was very unpleasant, and the worst part of it all was the doctor asking me how long I had left to work and saying I had to rest and go home to bed with lots of fluids and work wasn't an option as my immune system is rubbish anyway and even worse being pregnant and would just end up picking up other things and feeling worse.

I came out the surgery feeling fed up and emotional, I feel I am in a constant battle to feel ok and be normal making it to work everyday like everyone else but my body just doesn't let me, I spent the rest of the day crying in bed just feeling sorry for myself but part of me angry as I eat healthy take multivitamins everyday and no matter how much I look after myself I still become ill all the time and would give anything to just make it through a month without an infection, I did manage to make it out of bed late afternoon for a dentist appointment ... but yet again more bad news this pregnancy has just ruined my teeth I have had pregnancy gingivitis since day one my gums constantly bleed and hurt I need at least 3 fillings because of it all but my dentist refuses to x-ray or carry out the fillings till the baby is here but love getting my teeth cleaned strange I know but I love going to the dentist.

The only good thing to come out of a bad day is the dentist said to me if you look as good as you feel you look amazing .. when I had no make up on .. feeling like death warmed up either he was blind or maybe I actually didn't look as bad as I was feeling, so bed rest for me and now feeling the countdown is really on 9 weeks left till our due date :) ... and keeping my eyes on the prize is making all this bad health worth it.

30 week Baby bump measuring 32

boy or girl ?

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