Monday 13 October 2014

Strong mummies really do make strong babies

Hey Everyone

I should of updated sooner as I have so much to fill you in with and you think with being on Maternity leave I would have all the time in the world... but for me most days are spent at the hospital. I have reached 35 weeks today... and I am so happy and blessed me and baby Urquhart have made it this far with good health, It has definitely  been a rollercoaster but with each passing week I am closer to meeting my little miracle.

After my last post were I spoke about being admitted into hospital again thankfully things have been going a little more smoothly, I still attend the day assessment clinic at the hospital every Tuesday and Friday were I get bloods took my blood pressure, heart rate checked and also baby Urquhart gets a tracing done... who can be one little mr or madam who clearly doesn't like the pressing and the monitor, its only on one occasion he/she was sleepy and not moving and the midwife gave me cold water to wake him or her up to get a decent tracing. Last Friday I was on the monitor for 2 full hours as he/she wouldn't stop moving, the midwife kept saying baby's are active for about 20 mins at a time and then rest not our little baby who was moving so much the midwife finally had to give up after the 2 hours, but on this same day I got another scan to check the fluid around the baby who was seen practicing to breath this time and also he/she has a head of hair already.
Baby Urquhart at 33 weeks 4 days .. he/she was seen practicing breathing and also has a head of hair :)

My 34 week Bump baby Urquhart seems to grow every week and started getting pelvic pain this week, but my heart is still behaving.

This week along with my appointments I managed to spend a night in Glasgow with Dougie were we seen the show Still game, the first time we have had a little night out together in ages :)

                            Me and Dougie enjoyed our night in Glasgow seeing Still game :)

On Friday I had a day booked of appointments at the hospital  my first one was day assessment were they ran an hour behind so ended up having to go to my second appointment  first which was to see anesthetics  were we spoke about my heart history and she advised that in her opnion it was best to have the epidural to control my pain which would help control my heart, I then had my growth scan booked were baby Urquhart is weighing an amazing 5 pound 6 and again we were told Its definitely not a baldy baby, baby Urquhart was seen practicing to breath again and was also pouting its lips this time.
Baby Urquharts little foot :)

  Baby Urquhart at 34 weeks 4 days who definitely isn't a baldy baby and was pouting its lips

After the growth scan I had to go back to day assesment were luckly the doctor came to see me and again baby Urquhart is one monkey who was moving so much the machine was alarming the doctor ended up turning it off. The doctors are happy with the size of baby Urquhart and are hoping I can make it to 37 weeks and may look at inducing me then so I now have appoitments to be seen at the high risk clinic every Friday, me and Dougie are shocked and nervous but excited that we could be meeting our little baby in just 14 days time a whole 3 weeks early.

On Saturday I had the most amazing baby shower thanks to my husband, brother and his girlfriend who done it all for me, baby Urquhart was one spoilt baby who has so much already we are both so lucky to have amazing family and friends in our life who are all so excited to meet baby Urquhart and who all argue already who's getting to babysit first, me and Dougie definitely wouldn't be short of baby sitters.

 The cake my brother and his girlfriend got made :)

 Dougie made all the food.

 Some party games pin the dummy on the baby... mine was the worst.

 Baby Urquhart is one lucky baby.

 Family and friends are everything.
 Twinkle Twinkle little star how we wonder what you are ... after all our scans we still haven't found out boy or girl.... mum still says pink ... dad blue.

Lots of Love and Hugs 

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  1. You are so inspirational - always so positive. looking so beautiful and smiling in every picture x