Monday 29 December 2014

PLEASE help me raise awareness on ist !

This post is totally different and I am asking for YOUR help, with the new year coming up I want to make a goal of raising awareness so please help spread my story and raise awareness on IST, I have always made it a huge goal of mine to help others with this condition and also I have always held on to hope that there will be more research carried out on IST and maybe one day even a cure.

Today was the first time I have fainted since having my little boy Kian. I have had a ruff few days of it and the struggle of been a mum with this condition I headed to the doctors were I was sent to hospital and fainted in the hospital car park. I was took straight into resus and treated right away by the amazing doctors and I am back home resting but as others know with this condition your not fighting it your surviving it, surviving each day without fainting and each good day I learn to treasure.

 So please share my story underneath on Facebook, twitter, instagram and any other social media with my picture and lets spread awareness. and add the #ist and lets get trending :)

Love and Hugs 
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