Sunday 14 December 2014

All I want for Christmas is a cure

                                 If only Santa could cure IST

The last few weeks since Kian's been born has just flew by, I had planned to write a post for Kian every week, I cannot believe he is nearly a month old, it feels like yesterday I was just pregnant, but at the same time, it feels like we have had him in her life's forever (in a good way of course :) )

1 Week old belly button fell off.                                         

 2 Weeks old he know weighs 6lbs 15oz
3 Weeks old he likes to eat his hands and is more awake during the day
Daddy went back to work and all the visitors calmed down after the second week, but for me my health took another bad turn. My midwife came out to the house one Tuesday afternoon were I had told her I still wasn't feeling 100 percent myself and was having bad stomach cramps on and off since having Kian, She sent me to the doctors were I was giving antibiotics and told I had a Womb infection but after a full week of antibiotics and rest I still felt no better, my midwife returned on Sunday afternoon by this point I felt even worse having to rely on Dougie to help me even just get out of bed as the feeling of passing out kept coming over me and spent most of the day's just sleeping when Kian did. The midwife was shocked when she took my blood pressure which was so low, something which she had always seen so high, I was sent to hospital were I was booked in for a scan and giving more antibiotics. I had also phoned this week and moved my appointment  with my cardiologist forward as having to wait till January I felt was to long since things were starting to play up and the fear of fainting or becoming even worse with a baby I didn't want to happen.

Going to my appointment with my cardiologist with Kian was like a military operation having to get to the other side of town so early in the morning, and to make matters worse it was snowing it was the earliest I had managed to get out the house since having Kian. Seeing my cardiologist I have decided to go back on the medication called Ivabradine which only last year was the drug that had made my heart rate to slow but this time a half dose, as he feels to do anything to drastic so soon after a baby would be silly, the only problem is I have to wait till I stop breastfeeding which I feel so gutted about. I am going to try and keep it up as long as possible but he has told me to outweigh  how I feel as risking fainting and hurting myself .. not to mention now I could hurt Kian if my heart does cause me to black out is it worth it?? So I have decided to breastfeed for a few more weeks then I will change back to ivabradine

The health visitor had come out to check Kian who had lost weight but at 2 weeks old weighed an amazing 6lbs 15oz, he is also very laid back,  Dougie thinks we should of called him laid back Luke, he is also very strong trys to hold his neck up already and also manages to push himself all the way to the top of the cot. Kian loves his hands,there never out his mouth. He follows our voices and likes to watch the lights on the Christmas tree, the first few times we bathed him he screamed but now he is very quiet ( hope he likes water as much as me ) he also likes to go for walks in the pram.

Like Mummy he has been through the wars already at a week old we had to take him to the doctors as he had an eye infection but when putting drops in he didn't cry instead sat there quietly.

                                      Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart <3

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  1. Hi Danielle: Such a beautiful post. I don't know how you manage to face all these such a tender age. I am so proud of the way you are handling your situation...and the best most wonderful time of your life is with Baby Kian and Dougie. You do what your heart tells you to do and know that all of your choices are done with insight with positive outcomes. Blessings to your and yours.....Stay your knowledge.