Tuesday 25 November 2014

The day I became a mummy

We headed to the hospital on Monday and I was booked in to be induced for a 3rd time but this time as an outpatient arriving at the hospital at 4pm yet again things didn't go to plan my blood pressure and heart playing up despite the obstetrician who had took over my care had signed everything on Friday that was needed for them to start me off the midwife refused until I was seen by a doctor, so yet again for us something quick turned into hours, the doctor gave me the pessary hormone but the long wait of them wanting my blood pressure to settle and it wouldn't after a very long 7 hours I signed the self discharge form and left by this point it was 12o'clock at night by the time we got home exhausted and fed up again.

Waking up on the Tuesday Morning I started having irregular contractions and spent the whole day bouncing on the birth ball and drinking the raspberry tea in the hope my labour would start or my waters would break but as the time started to pass this didn't look promising. I was also so worked up wondering what would happen when I went to hospital as the fear of the same thing happening was becoming to much, I physically and mentally was exhausted and decided to phone the obstetrician's secretary to pass on the message I was going to take the hormone out and wanted to be left. A few hours later she phoned and knew about the night before were the hospital had phoned her and she had told them to start me off and let me home and apologised again for everything that had happened, she was on the train travelling back from London but told me to still go into hospital for the baby to be checked and then for us just to leave and she would break my waters on Wednesday morning.

We headed back to the hospital and this time like the obstetrician had promised us we were placed on the monitor and were told another obstetrician was coming to see us, this time we were seen right away and finally the decision was made to just go ahead and break my waters tonight the words of  'I wouldn't be doing you any favours' didn't fill me with hope but the obstetrician agreed this couldn't go on any more. We headed back home to get my bags for a 3rd time, were Dougie kept saying everything would be ok as I had been on machine number 7 and was told to head to room number 7 on the labour ward and this was his lucky number.

Arriving on the labour ward I was placed on the monitor again to check the baby who still was happy and moving about to much the doctor came to break my waters and puffed on the gas and air like my life depended on it, and the amazing feeling when the doctor told me it wasn't easy but she had managed, this was at  11o'clock and I was only 2cm dilated, we were left in the hope my labour would start itself. The midwife was amazing and phoned the anaesthesiologist as I was told with my heart I needed to have the epidural early to control my pain which should help my heart. Again nothing is simple for me he started to have problems getting the catheter in place because of my back problems and of course I was told I needed to sit completely still but was having contractions so it took even longer and once the epidural was in what a relief. 

At 2am I was started on the hormone drip and was checked at 5am were I was 5cm dilated about 30 Min's later  I started to get pain and pressure telling the midwife I felt the urge to push she told me it was far to early and called the anaesthesiologist by this point I was back to puffing on the gas and air the anaesthesiologist arrived and topped up my epidural but again I hardly felt any relief saying to the midwife again I really feel I have to push again she kept telling me give it time to work, but still the pain and pressure I was feeling was painful ... the look on her face when she checked me and told me to start pushing it was 6.30 and in the space of an hour had dilated to a full 10cm. 

Pushing was Hard and like the doctor described it running for a marathon you haven't trained for but after pushing for over an hour and them telling me If i wanted to I could feel my babies head I just had to push longer and harder I was begging them saying I was to tiered to carry on and was finding the pushing hard as I started to feel out of breath and feeling like my heart was starting to struggle. The midwife left the room to go and get a doctor because I had been pushing for so long  but returning without one this just made me more determined to get the baby out as the pain was just becoming worse.

On 19/11/14 at 08.47 my son was brought into the world as the student midwife placed him on my chest I was in disbelief that he  had just come out of me it was the most rewarding and unbelievable amazing feeling. He wasn't crying but instead his eyes were wide open looking at everything giving him a little rub he started to scream Dougie was giving him as the midwife started talking and next thing the doctor was in not really sure what was happening I lay helpless again but seeing my son with Dougie and how exhausted I was I didn't really care. Unlucky for me because he had came so quick his elbow had got stuck and I had ended up with second degree tears we had to wait on the consultant coming as the doctor was unsure If I would need to go to theatre for the damage to be repaired, a few stitches later I was back waiting for the feeling to return to my legs which were still heavy but for me had felt most of the pain during labour, I was completely amazed by what my body can do!! It's absolutely fascinating and enjoyed every minute of  bringing my son into the world and feel even more amazed I done it all myself with my heart problems.


Kian Patrick James Urquhart was born at 08:47 on 19/11/14 6lbs 6.5oz  50cm 

 I was so happy to finally meet my little man I am so in love with him and I am truly amazed how well my heart and body coped.

Home time baby we got home the next again day he was a little jaundice and had cuts on his head from the doctor breaking my waters but apart from that our happy healthy little man :)

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  1. Danielle - I just talked with you earlier today on our Facebook group. I am so very proud of you! This gives me hope as I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and am VERY scared to get pregnant and give birth! Your blog has really helped me reconsider and I thank you for that! Great job and a huge congratulations to you and your family! Susan McReynolds, Michigan, USA

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment :) deffo don't let it stop you it was a long stressful journey but he is so worth it .. would do it all over again in a heartbeat !

    lots of of love

    Danielle xxx