Sunday 16 November 2014

Two little magpies :)

Since my last post the whole week got off to a good start phoning my community midwife last week I headed to see her on Monday afternoon, taking the dreaded blood pressure it was high again but finally people were listening to me, sending me away after checking the baby over which was all fine, she was going to get a hold of the consultant obstetrician who was now looking after me as this wonderful woman had actually listened to me and Dougie after the second failed induction and took the time to look up my condition and had made it clear anything to do with me, she was to be contacted, but unfortunately was in London holding exams. An hour later I was home and running a bath and the dreaded phone call from the midwife, which normally means a trip to the hospital but this time was different my midwife had been in touch with the on call doctor about my blood pressure, and the doctor and consultant on call had looked up the clinical guidelines and because I was feeling fine I didn't have to go to hospital ... such a huge relief. The midwife called back and the lovely consultant had called all the way from London after hearing about my blood pressure who was happy the right decision had been made but to attend an extra check up during the week the relief of this was amazing I finally felt someone was listening and headed to bed with a big smile on my face.
Heading to the midwife again on Wednesday morning, my blood pressure was normal, the proof of how much it jumps about each day.

Friday I headed to the day assessment unit and also had an appointment to see the obstetrician not known what to expect this time, and my due date slowly creeping up but still no sign of baby Urquhart. Getting the baby checked over and a fluid scan which were all normal Dougie texted me saying he had seen 2 magpies did I have good news for him,  texting back to say the baby was all good I sat waiting on the doctor, for once I was asked what I wanted to do, be induced a 3rd time or wait. The doctor decided to check me over and then we could decide on a plan, to my amazement I was 2cm dilated and the news of my waters could be broken if I wanted to and was told the baby's head is so low and positioned well that labour shouldn't be to long either, giving me another sweep in the hope this might trigger labour I left with another date to be induced on Monday but this time to my amazement I am aloud home to rest, and the doctor seems pretty confident this time it will work, and even if it doesn't they will break my waters to get the ball rolling. 

Finally The feeling of relief someone has took control and listened, which is all I ever wanted. Asking what I wanted for a change and the feeling of having choice, the last two times I wasn't aloud home but having this amazing kind woman take an interest in my care and understanding it all has made all the difference, instead of feeling scared about it all I am now feeling confident having this doctor who listens and respects what I am saying that this time things will be much easier and hopefully 3rd time lucky at meeting our amazing baby,

3 People made such an impact on me this week, the first being my midwife who just cuddled me after everything that had happened, she had been the only one through the whole experience to just give me a hug. The midwife at the hospital who sat with me waiting on the doctor who held my hand and told me my great attitude would get me far, and of course the amazing obstetrician who has listened and took an interest in getting to know me and my condition, out of all the doctors I seen she was the only one who done this and for that I am so grateful for, tomorrow is our due date but there's still no sign of our cheeky little monkey but hopefully by the end of this week we will have our baby.

                                                 39 week 6 day bump our due dates tomorrow :)

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  1. Absolutely fantastic news Danielle,God bless you and yours, you all deserve a break.With love, Gemma xxxxx