Sunday 9 November 2014

The relief of 'I' understand

Going in for the second round of induction on Friday, again me and Dougie left carrying the bags walking into the hospital saying this would be it,we would be leaving this time with a baby but again we left the hospital just the two of us.

Going in on the Friday at two we spent the whole day waiting on the doctor to insert the pessary hormone, I didn't get it put in till 11 at night due to the fact baby Urquhart clearly was not a happy baby and who was moving about to much for over 2 hours its little heart was beating faster than it should of been and doctors wouldn't start till the baby had settled and they could get a decent tracing, but our little baby clearly was not a happy bunny after hours of waiting he/she finally calmed down and got giving the hormone, still hearing I was only a cm ... I just burst into tears for the whole week I had been bouncing on the birthing ball, eating pineapples, which I don't even like, eating spicy curries, drinking raspberry tea and even bought  Clary sage oil for the bath which the woman in Holland and Barrett recommended brings on labour and all of this had no effect and was still the same as I was the week before. Poor Dougie who just cuddled me and told me to have a good cry and made me cry even more by saying good things come to those who wait, I felt anger and hurt I didn't want the first round of induction never mind a second and all because no one would listen and known myself my body and our baby isn't ready. Dougie leaving the hospital just made me cry even more just feeling alone, exhausted and hurt the feeling of just wanting to get up and leave just to be alone in my own bed with Dougie the one person who does understand, the one person who knows how to make me smile, I finally went to sleep thinking I was in a for a long weekend of induction but that all changed in the morning.

 Raspberry leaf tea and Clary Sage oil, still didn't bring on Labour.

Getting myself motivated out the bed in the morning the doctors came round on the ward round and the words of ' why are we doing this ?' would you like to go home ?'  I couldn't believe it after everything I had been told on Monday about the baby not grown properly, the doctor said she wasn't concerned about me or the baby and didn't feel there was any reason to be putting us through all this.  Dougie came to the hospital to pick me up and the anger on his face after everything he went and spoke to the midwife in charge and was saying about putting in a complaint due to the fact of been mucked about so much and told one thing after another by different doctors, the lovely consultant who is the head of the department came and sat down with me and Dougie , We spoke to her about everything that had happened and how the plan changes each time and for once finally someone was listening she looked at all my notes from the cardiologist who has explained how he isn't worried about me during my pregnancy and the fact he explained IST is  harmless, she explained to us she wasn't worried about me or the baby and is happy we aren't induced and left, she has finally took over my care and has even said there's no reason for me to attend the hospital twice a week as long as I see my own midwife once a week and her on a Friday.

The relief of someone looking everything up and understanding my heart and blood pressure was like a huge weight off my shoulders. The whole growth thing with our baby aswell she said how the other doctors have just been over cautious as our baby was a big baby to start with it needs to slow down so there's nothing to worry about. Me and Dougie left the hospital finally happy that things have changed and someones listened, we don't have the worry of going each week to be told something different and feel now I can enjoy my last few weeks of been pregnant with a well deserved rest before baby Urquhart does decide to make an appearance, hopefully soon as its 8 days till our due date and I am getting pretty impatient just wanting to push my pram around and finally meet my little girl or boy.

All of this just proves how very little doctors know about IST ... maybe one day that will all change.

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