Sunday 11 January 2015

2014 ( I know Its Late)


                                   One of the best years !!!

This year has been full of some really great ups, but also some really sad lows. We lost some amazing people in our lives, but we also gained one of the best gifts we could ever ask for and the journey me and Dougie faced this year was a difficult one.

I started 2014 in hospital, welcoming new year by a hospital bed with  my racing heart were I needed medication to slow my heart down, to go through my next failed ablation only 3 weeks later and to be diagnosed with IST, I became so unwell with the new drug Ivabradine and was admitted into hospital again in Febuary.

We celebrated my 23rd birthday in Newcastle with great friends and discovered our news a week later that I was pregnant. We went for our first scan on April the 2nd and we seen our little baby's heart beating at 7 weeks 2days which was a small flashing light.

In June me and Dougie went on holiday to Benidorm and enjoyed the sun and a well deserved break, I took part in bare your bump for the British heart foundation to raise awareness for babies born with heart conditions, and was voted one of the winners, I also took part in heart rhythm week and raised awareness and money for the charity Arrhythmia Alliance, but the next again day I was admitted into hospital for a long 5 nights were I struggled with my heart.

In July we got the news that our baby was healthy and my heart was behaving and was feeling really well, only a week later Dougie's grandad sadly passed away and a week after that  his Nana also passed away.

In August this was when my heart and blood pressure started acting up and I spent the rest of my pregnancy in and out of hospital going to day assessment for scans twice a week to check the baby, finishing my last shift from work in September I even spent my first night of my holidays in hospital.

From October my health got worse and I spent long days and nights in hospital with the battle of my blood pressure and fast beating heart, Doctors decided to induce me early because of how bad my health was becoming  and on Monday the 27th of October at 37 weeks pregnant I went into hospital for the first round of induction were after a long 4 days and nights there was still no sign of baby Urquhart, 8 days later we went in for our second round of induction which failed again and we also discovered the news that baby Urquhart had stopped growing properly which was put down to my blood pressure problems.Going into hospital for a third time to be induced and doctors breaking my waters on Wednesday the 19th of November , 2 days late at 08.47 our son Kian Patrick James made a quick entrance into the world which was one of the best days in my life.

The rest of the year has been spent recovering from having Kian, and I finished 2014 in hospital just the way I started it, (but this time I made it out before the bells so not quite how I started it  ) 2014 was a difficult one but so worth all the bad health to meet my amazing son Kian. 2014 will be a hard year to beat but looking forward to what 2015 brings. and for me I hope better health.

Love and Hugs

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  1. You are so inspiring, love your blog and how postive you are!
    Keep going!
    Love, Jessica x