Thursday 29 January 2015

My baby boy at 10 weeks old

To my little Monster Kian

Your now nearly a quarter of a year old, your one of the happiest babies I know constantly smiling and laughing at anything and everything, you love to smile at your reflection in the mirror. I put you down in your big cot with the mobile and you loved it, the rabbits spin and play music you get so excited watching it your legs start to kick you wave your hands about and your eyes follow it you start smiling and screeching at it you always get so excited.

You also have a thing for your hands dad laughs because I call you a little magician but you also clasp them together and play with them and they also always end up in the mouth your necks getting stronger and are managing to hold it up. You keep giving me a fright every morning I wake up as you some how always manage to kick all the way to the top of your little carry cot and pull your shawl over your face and just laugh and smile when I try to pull it down and tuck it in. Your such an amazing sleeper going down between half 9 -10 and sleeping right through to half 6 -7.

When I took you for your jags the other week you screamed I think you were the loudest in the doctors but when I sat feeding you in the waiting room you started smiling and laughing at the other babies. Your slowly starting to grow out of your newborn clothes and making your way into 3 month outfits you were 9lb 3oz at 7 weeks old  I can't believe how quickly you are growing up we are starting a  baby massage class next week and I think am way more excited than you are, but you hate when I take your clothes off and your lips shiver so I am unsure if you will like it.

Love Mummy xxxxxx

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