Tuesday 12 August 2014

Another Setback !

Hey Everyone

Well after a few stressful weeks things finally got back on track after Dougies granddad passing away exactly a week later his nana also sadly passed and burying them both in the space of 4 days apart, it seems things got to much for me and baby Urquhart. To start off the week I fell down the stairs and this caused a trip to accident and emergency were doctors didn't want to x-ray my leg with being pregnant and didn't think it was broken and that I had just bruised the bone below my knee cap but still managed to make it to work .. which was my first day back since my last hospital stay so despite being in pain I worked through it, you think things couldn't get worse but they did ,waking up on Saturday morning I didn't feel to well but Dougie had surprised me with tickets for the ladyboys that night at the Edinburgh festival, not wanting to let him down I didn't let on how I was feeling and slapped some make up on my face and headed out, I really enjoyed the ladyboys but going for a meal after I didn't eat anything just wanting to go to bed to sleep off the way I was feeling, on Sunday morning feeling a lot better we got ready to head to the shops it was at this point I realised something could be wrong with the baby as I had started to not feel movements phoning the midwife she told us to head to the hospital straight away were they checked baby Urquhart over and all appeared fine, but on the other hand my blood pressure and heart rate were to high so I was admitted back into hospital were It was also discovered I had yet another infection so placed on more antibiotics, but it appeared that baby Urquhart was also trying to compete with my fast heart rate, I was discharged the next again day once my heart rate and blood pressure had settled but juggling work and feeling ok is becoming quite a task since my good days don't seem to last.

  High blood pressure is happening alot despite being on beta blockers

 Baby Urquhart decided to compete with the fast heart rate<3
At  Least I got to rest my sore knees for a day !
 A Smile can hide so much <3

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