Tuesday 12 August 2014


waking up to the shocking news this morning that Robin Williams has taken his own life is a shock.
It Just goes to show you that you really have no idea of the demons people hide behind closed doors,
We all grow up to the films of Mrs Doubtfire, Aladdin  and Hook to name a few so how come a famous actor can end up feeling so alone that the only way out is to take his own life ?. depression seems to be hidden alot in this society and something people don't seek help or talk about when it effects so many people.
I myself can be bad for this I act like everything is fine, I smile I laugh and joke with friends but being on my own I start to get teary its like a switch goes off and sometimes I feel sad about my health when I say I am struggling  I remember that I said it the time before and even the time before that maybe even last week or just last month I feel there's constantly something new or something I have already experienced, I used to use the phase one day at a time but now I look at it as a few hours at a time and that helps, am sure we all have teary sad days but its important to know when your just feeling a little low or when you should seek help.

I am lucky I have Dougie who lifts my mood when I am feeling down and things are getting to me but others are not so lucky so its important to speak to someone about the way your feeling or phone the Samaritans. also always remember you never know when one kind word you say or the smile you give someone will be saving another life, your every encounter has some kind of impact on another's life and also always treat others how you yourself like to be treated you never now what others are going through, the battles they face or what hides behind there smile.

Love and hugs


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