Tuesday 24 March 2015

My Article about my letter to Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia was published !

Yesterday my article to my letter to my illness was published ( Inappropriate
Sinus Tachycardia), were I stated what I would say to my Illness, I have always wanted my voice to be heard and have always made it a huge goal to spread awareness as this condition has seen me go to hell and back again so I am so proud that this was published.

Here's the link For my article. ( don't forget to share it )

Recently A few things have happened to me that show that more knowledge is needed about ist, after my gp tried to move my appointment forward but unfortunately this couldn't happen I received a phone call from my doctor to say my cardiologist has suggested I increase my ivabradine but the phone call ended with 'do what you feels best' 

How do you know what best is, when your constantly told your not in any danger, is it best to suffer the fast heart rhythm where you feel like your constantly running everywhere or is best to suffer the side effects of the medication, the exhaustion were you aren't just tiered you could physically lie, go to sleep and never wake up again. Nothing hurts more than a doctor not knowing what's best, for me I know my own body but even knowing it inside and out that there's never a happy medium. 

I find my problems are worse as making it through my pregnancy feeling so good I remember how amazing I did feel and didn't realise how bad I was feeling till that amazing feeling is gone, some days it all gets to much and like yesterday I couldn't face going to physiotherapy with my knee ... Because it never gets better, why cause myself more pain and heartache when I could just avoid it so I cancelled and went for a  walk along the beach with Kian and it was so nice to just feel the sea breeze and get away from everything and anything even just for a few hours.

Some pictures of my lovely walk along the beach.

I also haven't been sleeping very much as every night I am having bad nightmares were I am dreaming of awful things happening to the point I am screaming and panicking so much that I am also waking up Dougie, I don't no if this is a side effect of the medication or maybe I just have to much on my mind, so Dougie took me away to Piperdam which is lovely lodge cabins up passed Dundee, our first little holiday with Kian and it was were I spent my first mothers day, we  had long lies chilled in the lovely hot tub which did make me feel awful and had to go to bed straight after, and nice walks, Scotland is a lovely place to live and it was so nice to get away from busy Edinburgh even just for the weekend.

 Kian Is now 18 weeks old, were has time gone he just amazes me everyday he rolled over last week tries to stand all the time and has now even started trying to sit up by himself , is always so happy and smiley, and just last week it was a full year when I first discovered I was pregnant with him

Hope you Enjoyed reading my article, please get sharing and will be updating after my cardiology appointment next week :)

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