Thursday 17 March 2016

Danielle's Heart Happiness Project.

Ok so I'm currently in the process of my next little project, a blog giveaway, I'm so incredibly excited about this !!!

So let me give you a bit of background behind my latest  project. When I was in hospital getting my 1st pacemaker in November, Dougie texted me to say a large box had been delivered to the door and asked what I had been ordering now, I do love Internet shopping and spend way to much money, but I hadn't ordered anything so I was completely miffed as to what the box could be. When I get home after my pacemaker I opened it up and it was a package full of bits and pieces to cheer me up from my lovely friends Lezlee - Ann, It was such an amazing idea and a lovely gift to receive so I have stole Lezlee's Idea I'm sure she wouldn't mind , she should be so proud of that smile she put on my face that day, it's something I will never ever forget.

So Basically I'm making up 5 packs to giveaway to 5 lucky people who suffer from a chronic illness, each one filled with useful gifts, love and well wishes and hopefully I  manage to put that same smile, on other's faces like Lezlee-Ann put on mine, Of course I had to find things heart shaped to add into my packs, I am completely overwhelmed with the kindness from companies that have took the time to donate to my little project and helping me on my little quest of  spreading some love and cheer.

I will be putting details on how to enter at a later date when I have finally got all the items and packs made up.

So if any companies or anyone reading this and would like to donate to my giveaway and help 5 people smile please drop me an email or contact me through my pages listed below.

                                                               Love and hugs

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