Sunday 21 February 2016

Review- With love Lucy

I have been completely overwhelmed with all the lovely things recently I have been receiving, when I started this blog as a diary to vent and throw all my feelings down as my way of coping I really didn't think It would hit off as much as it did, so here I am doing my first ever review I figured since businesses and lovely sellers have took the time to send me items that I would give something back by doing a review.

When I opened this package which was wrapped with such beautiful paper, Inside the bubble wrap was a lovely hand printed letter K and a tag for Kian With love Lucy

If your wondering who or what is with love Lucy ? then look no further  you will be met with the perfect gift with a real personal feel ( especially if your like me and love items for your child's room or home that has a real personal touch to it ) When we choose the name Kian I always liked unusual names that stuck out he would be the only Kian in his class at school etc but when it came to buying things, which I didn't think that far ahead you can never find anything with Kian. From lovely letters and plaques, to shiny stars and clouds to personalised scrabble photo frames there perfect for your own home or gifts.

I was so excited to receive my letter K for Kian ,I mean just look how perfect it is ! Choosing a design is hardwork I warn you now because there's so many colours and different designs to choose from, I really wanted it to stand out on Kians shelf but at the same time fit in with his theme of his room, so I went for a neutral colour and had it painted with some lovely white stars.

What I love most about with love Lucy is the detail and creativity that has went into her designs, with mothers day coming up they will make amazing gifts from that little person in your life to a mum, Auntie or grandma.

So if your looking for a real personalised touch to add to your little ones nursery or a special gift these handcrafted products will work a treat and if your like me with unusual kids name then you have finally found the right place to add a real personal touch to any nursery or room.


                                                              Love and hugs


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